A Woman Like Me

A woman like me has been through hell…
But she chooses to hold her head high.
A woman like me has faced disappointment…
But she understands she has to keep moving.
A woman like me is fearful…
But she is determined to live her life fearless and free.
A woman like me has struggled with insecurity…
But she refuses to allow it to be a trait she possesses.
A woman like me has been rejected more than her mind can fathom…
But she has decided…rejection will no longer hold her back.
A woman like me will uncomfortably sit in her comfort zone just because it’s familiar…
But she knows she has to leave that comfort zone in order to achieve greatness.
A woman like me has experienced failure…
But she will never give up!
A woman like me is afraid of the unknown…
But she chooses to trust God.
A woman like me is not perfect…
She does not have it all together…
And she may not be your cup of tea…
But it won’t stop her from being awesome.
Get to know a woman like me…
She’s packed with wisdom and will never hold back the truth.
That’s a woman like me… ❤
©2016 Regina A Bryant

It’s My 36th Birthday!

Check out the list of things I’ve learned throughout the years…
1. There will always be people who claim to love you while plotting to destroy you (sad but true).
2. It’s okay to move on.
3. Love yourself because if you don’t it will be hard for you to accept love from others.
4. It’s not wise to dumb down to make people feel comfortable in their stupidity.
5. Insecurity will destroy you.
6. Love people where they are.
7. It’s okay if people don’t want to be a part of my life (I’m still awesome!)
8. Love is worth waiting for.
9. Fear will hold you back from your dreams.
10. Always look at challenges as a way to grow.
11. It’s okay to have fun.
12. If no one wants to accompany you…do it alone.
13. Take risk!
14. Smile often…it’s good for the soul.
15. There is always opportunity to learn something new.
16. Embrace Change
17. You will not accomplish much if you’re in your comfort zone.
18. I’m stronger than I ever thought I was…and yes that includes being strong physically.
19. Strong leadership brings out the best in you.
20. I have an amazing family (sometimes I forget that).
21. I’m not as shy as I claim to be.
22. God created me to be BOLD and COURAGEOUS.
23. People love being around me…even though it freaks me out a little :/. I’m getting there though! #introvert #sorrynotsorry
24. I don’t have to lower my standards.
25. Judge my own life before I even consider judging the life of others (better yet, don’t judge at all…just show them THE WAY).
26. God will send the right people in my life. There is no need to try to impress, beg, or force people to stay.
27. I won’t die if someone disappoints me.
28. It’s totally awesome to be confident in who I am.
29. Never compare my life to others.
30. It’s okay to speak up.
31. I’m actually a very adventurous person.
32. God created me to be FEARLESS AND FREE! ❤
33. I have to go hard for my dreams…no one else will.
34. I’m not perfect and I don’t have to pretend to be.
35. It’s imperative to work on myself.
36. There is power in words…don’t let people speak negatively over you.
©2016 Regina A Bryant

Stand Up and Stand Tall

Don’t let people tell you to sit down when you are meant to stand.
Stand tall my dear!
You are meant to stand among the people and show them THE WAY.
If you sit down…you forfeit the impact you will make on those around you.
Stand up and stand tall because the world needs you.
©2015 Regina A. Bryant

Your Mistakes Will Not Push God Away

Your mistakes are staring you in the face.
They seem bigger than God’s love for you.
And you’re ashamed to go to Him because you’re making the same mistakes over and over again.
Please do not allow your shame to shy you away from God’s love for you.
He’s waiting with open arms to receive you.
He wants you to receive His love.
You can no longer allow your mistakes to come between you and God.
Open your heart.
Can you feel His love?
He loves you so much…He’s willing to help you conquer the mistakes that are holding you back.
Allow Him to help you.
Allow Him to love you.
Even if you believe you do not deserve His love.
God says, you need His love and He will not withhold His love from you because of your mistakes.
He’s bigger than your mistakes.
Never forget that, my dear!
©2015 Regina A.Bryant
Please Note: No portion of this material may be reproduced in any form without written permission.

Pressing Toward The Goal

God is calling us higher! We will no longer look back and allow our challenging past to hold us back. Though the past may have been painful, it equipped us for what lies ahead. It no longer has power over us…now rise and be who God called you to be.

Press toward the goal!

Philippians 3:12-14

©2015 Regina A. Bryant

“Silly Christians”

Silly Christians,
You care more about a political party than God. Do you understand you cannot serve two masters? Either you will hate the one and love the other. You’ve got to choose folks because it can’t be both (Matthew 6:24).

I still love you though! 🙂
© 2015 Regina A. Bryant