I’m Built For This…

What have you been dreaming about doing but haven’t stepped out to do? Perhaps, it’s writing your first book, starting a business, traveling, preparing for marriage, buying a house or even better, growing closer to God. Whatever it maybe, remember you are built for it and now is the time to branch out and go … Continue reading I’m Built For This…

The Final Straw

Have you ever looked at your life and knew there was something greater for you? You’ve been settling for so long it seems impossible to move forward in the things God created you to do. You question yourself, “What am I afraid of? What is keeping me in this place–a place I don’t want to … Continue reading The Final Straw

The Pruning Process

The last few years of my life have been unpredictable and even unbearable. God has been taking me through a transformation I initially thought would only take a few months but has been over five years. I’ve even questioned if I should be taken this commitment to God this seriously. I mean, I knew so … Continue reading The Pruning Process

5 Things 2017 Has Taught Me

During the last couple of days I've been reflecting on 2017 and everything I've experienced...good and bad. I've learned so much. Here are my top five lessons of 2017... 1.Being in God’s Will does not mean glamorous. 2.It’s impossible to move forward with a mind that is fighting against you. 3.It’s imperative to invest in … Continue reading 5 Things 2017 Has Taught Me

It’s Been Awhile…

Gosh, life has been crazy! I've neglected my blog for a whole year and I believe it's time for me to dedicate some of my time to it. I have so much on my heart that I want and need to share with everyone. My life has been in a world-spin during the last year … Continue reading It’s Been Awhile…

A Woman Like Me

A woman like me has been through hell… But she chooses to hold her head high. A woman like me has faced disappointment… But she understands she has to keep moving. A woman like me is fearful… But she is determined to live her life fearless and free. A woman like me has struggled with … Continue reading A Woman Like Me

It’s My 36th Birthday!

Check out the list of things I’ve learned throughout the years… 1. There will always be people who claim to love you while plotting to destroy you (sad but true). 2. It’s okay to move on. 3. Love yourself because if you don’t it will be hard for you to accept love from others. 4. … Continue reading It’s My 36th Birthday!

Stand Up and Stand Tall

Don't let people tell you to sit down when you are meant to stand. Stand tall my dear! You are meant to stand among the people and show them THE WAY. If you sit down...you forfeit the impact you will make on those around you. So… Stand up and stand tall because the world needs … Continue reading Stand Up and Stand Tall

Your Mistakes Will Not Push God Away

Your mistakes are staring you in the face. They seem bigger than God’s love for you. And you’re ashamed to go to Him because you’re making the same mistakes over and over again. Please do not allow your shame to shy you away from God’s love for you. He’s waiting with open arms to receive … Continue reading Your Mistakes Will Not Push God Away

Pressing Toward The Goal

God is calling us higher! We will no longer look back and allow our challenging past to hold us back. Though the past may have been painful, it equipped us for what lies ahead. It no longer has power over us...now rise and be who God called you to be. Press toward the goal! Philippians … Continue reading Pressing Toward The Goal